006 l thumb Abby and Riley on the Steps
Framed 21.5x29.5

Private collection of Artist

/art/painting/119 A Perfect Pet Portrait Keepsake

My pet portraits are a one of a kind keepsake for you to enjoy for years. I paint from your quality photographs. I can change the background to capture the pets personality, like the hunting lab portrait.

Your portrait is painted on 140# archival quality watercolor paper. Completed pieces are mounted and wrapped, ready for framing.

My standard sizes are:
~ 8x10 "Head Shot" color wash or white background
~ $95.00.
~ 8x10 "full body" pose with background ~ $125.00.
~ 11x14 "Head Shot" color wash or white background ~ $150.00.
~ 11x14 "full body" pose with background ~ $175.00.

Square sizes:
~8x8 "Head Shot" ~ $75.00
~10x10 "Head Shot" ~$95.00

~ Plus tax and shipping if needed
~ Larger and Custom sizes are available
~ Each additional pet add 20%

~ 50% deposit is required. Balance due upon completion.

Allow 6-8 weeks for completion.

Gift Certificates available.The perfect gift for the person who has everything and a very special surprise to treasure!

I donate 10% to ASPCA. saving and protecting


~ Take a quality photo with good lighting. It will make it easier for me to catch all the details for your finished painting.

~ If the eyes have a "flash" glare in the photo you like best for the painting, take a few close ups of the eyes for reference.

~ Please let me know your favorite pose if you send several photos.

~ Originals Photos will be returned. Photos can be sent as an e-mail attachment.


~ Have a helper hold your pet on a leash, outside in sunlight

~ Have the sun on your pet, behind the camera, but not in the pet's eyes

~ Sit on the ground at eye level 5-6 feet away

~ The photographer should hold treats or favorite toy to get your pets ears up and alert look.

~ Take a few close ups of your pet. If there are multiple pets, please take a few photos of pets together to show size variance.


~ What can I say, you are at their mercy. Keep a camera close at hand. It is best to let them be themselves and wait until they are in a nice relaxed moment.

~If you're not in a fully lit area, be sure to use a flash.

Unnamed 3 Apollo

8x8 commission

Unnamed 1 5 Artemes

8x8 Commission

Dscn0173 thumb Axel

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait

P1030050 thumb Bailey

8x10 Commission Pet Portrait

Bam thumb Bam

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Bandit thumb Bandit

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait

P1030168 thumb Bear

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

P1030587 thumb Beau

11x14 Pet Portrait

Bella and fenway thumb Bella and Fenway

Private collection of Misty Jones

Commission thumb Beloved Service Dogs

Commissioned Piece by private party

028 l thumb Ben

Private collection of Linda Nemec

Animals 031 thumb Bernese Mountain Dog

Collection of Artist

Bernese play date thumb Bernese "Play Date"

Collection of Artist

P1020127 thumb Boo

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Animals 017 thumb Bosco

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait

P1030849 thumb Brandi

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portait

P1030098 thumb Buddy

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Img019 thumb Clhoe

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Kirchner thumb Commissioned Work

Private collection of Mr. and Mrs. Kirchner

P1030621 thumb Cooper

This is my little guy! He is a Cockapoo.

Dabney thumb Dabney

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait

P1030254 thumb Daisy

Commissioned Pet portrait

Img 6119 Daisy Lou and Ollie

8x10 commission

021 l thumb Dakota

Private collection of Ogren family

Dscn0641 thumb Dash

11x14 commissioned piece

Dashell maurice thumb Dashell Maurice

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait

020 l thumb Five Koi
Framed 33x41 AVAILABLE

2007 Artist Del Norte Northern Showcase ~ Best of Show Original Painting

Animals 011 thumb Friends

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

022 l thumb Gold-Embossed Koi


Animals for referance 079 thumb Gumbah

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Animals for referance 076 thumb Gumbah 1

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Tom bill thumb Halston and Fendi

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Hannah thumb Hannah

Commissioned Pet Portrait

Harvey thumb Harvey

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Animals 038 thumb Harvey and Dakota

Comissioned work for The Buie's

P1030851 thumb Harvey with plush toy

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Dscn1042 thumb Homer

Portuguese Water Dog, commissioned Pet Portrait

Animals 014 thumb Hunter

Private collection of Jason and Lindsey Vaughan

P1030171 thumb Hunting Buds

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

P1030661 thumb Hunting Golden

Original Framed

Animals 076 thumb Hunting Lab

Dscn1294 Jacko

11x14 commissioned Pet Portrait

027 l thumb Jess

Private collection of Dr. Diane Zilker

030 l thumb Joey and Toby

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Dscn1513 Juno

11x14 Commission

Loon thumb Loon

11x14 commission work

Animals 048 thumb Lucy and Abby

15x20 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Lucy  cheeba thumb Lucy and Cheeba

Commissioned Pet Portrait

P1030606 thumb Luke

11x14 Commission Pet Portrait

Mac thumb Mac

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portriat

Dscn0234 thumb Melissa and Bogart

11x14 Commissioned Portrait

Dscn0650 thumb Miley

16x20 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Unnamed 6 Moe

8x8 commission

Molly 2 thumb Molly

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Molly and oliver thumb Molly and Oliver

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

005 l thumb Morgan
Framed 10.5x14.5

Private Collection of Artist

Animals 062 thumb Mr. Albert

8x8 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Abbey thumb My Abby

Abby and Riley are our family cats. They would sit and watch me paint, (more interested in the water that I dipped my brush in). One day, I decided that it would be fun to paint them! That was the start to my love of painting pets.
Abby is no longer with us. She lived to be 17yrs. She was a stray kitten found on my sister's farm. I am so happy we have lots of photos of her, and that I decide to paint her.

Img030 thumb Pebbles

collection of Doug,Carla and Amanda Dahl

Img018 thumb Peter

Animals 051 thumb Petey

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait

P1030002 thumb Raja

11x14 Commission Pet Portrait

Dscn1638 Rascal

Dscn0210 thumb Reggie

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Animals 012 thumb Riley

Collection of Artist

Dscn1673 3 Roger

11x14 commission

Dscn0003 thumb Rory and Remi

11x14 Pet Portrait

Roxy and fred thumb Roxy and Fred

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Roxy yamy lilly and fred thumb Roxy, Yamy, Lilly & Fred

Commissioned Pet Portrait

Dscn0776 thumb Rudy

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Dscn0774 Rudy2

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Dscn1652 2 Ryder

8x10 Commission

Sashi1 Sashi

11x14 commission

031 l thumb Shirley and Matte

Private collection of William Bracken and Tom Doolittle

Siamese cat thumb Siamese Cat

Commissioned Pet Portrait

P1030490 thumb Sifu

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Animals 054 thumb Snickers

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait

P1050540 thumb Sookie and Pucket

16x20 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Dscn1647 2 Sunny

8x10 Commission

The dance thumb The Dance

Juried into MnWs 2008 Spring Show
Artist del Norte 2008 Members Award

The life of riley thumb The life of Riley

Private Collection of Artist
Juried into Red River 2008 Show

P1030082 thumb Three Kio in pond

Commissioned piece

Torii thumb Torii

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

023 l thumb Two Koi in Lily Pond
Print 10x18 for $95.00

Minnesota Watercolor Society Spring 2007 Show ~ Merit Award and Peoples Choice. Original Sold

P1050072 thumb Yasmine

11x14 Commissioned Pet Portrait

Dscn0773 thumb Zephyr

8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait

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