007 l thumb Apple Blossoms
Framed 27x33 (Image size: 16x22)
Print 12.5x16.75 $125.00
Card 5x7 $3.00 each 6/$15.00

012 l thumb Apples
Framed 24x28 (Image size: 12.5x17)
Print 13x17.75 $150.00
Print 6.875x9.375 $35.00
Card 5x7 $3.00 each 6/$15.00

2004 Minnesota State Fair

013 l thumb Buds and Buddies
Print 12.25x15.75 $125.00
Card 5x7 $3.00 each 6/$15.00

2006 Minnesota State Fair
"Best of Show" at Arts Snow Expo'07
Artist Del Norte

011 l thumb Poppies and Friends
Framed 27x33 (Image size: 15.5x21.5)
Print 12.5x17.25 $125.00
Card 5x7 $3.00 each 6/$15.00

2006 Northstar Watercolor Society Honorable Mention

032 l thumb Poppy Garden

2007 Minnesota Watercolor Society Fall Show-Emrich-Stordahl Founders Award, Northstar Watercolor Society Honorable Mention, "Best of Show" Artists del Norte Spring Members Show

010 l thumb Small Purple Iris
Framed 24x22 (Image size: 14.5x12)
Print 15x12 $125.00

009 l thumb Vertical Poppies
Framed 33x22 (Image size: 20.5x10)
Print 19.5x10 $150.00
Print 10x5 $35.00

2006 Northern Lights Juried Show
Original in Artist's Collection

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